Empower People, Strengthen Culture, Reduce Cyber Risk.

C-gap, the Cultural Gap Analysis Platform, empowers people to actively engage in cyber security and supports cultural change within your organisation. It enables you to view human cyber risk at the individual, team and organisational level.

Your cyber risk score


When a new user is introduced to C-gap, they complete a Cyber Survey, which enables the platform to understand an individual’s starting cyber risk score. Cyber Exposures then continually supplies live notifications of breached identities at an individual, team and organisational level.

Once an initial cyber risk score is determined, people are prompted to engage in the Targeted Training, which includes demonstrations of attacks, courses, videos and quizzes – as well as the ability to easily upload your own training and communications.  You can use C-gap to launch Targeted and Progressive Simulated Phishing, via email and SMS texts, using templates already provided by the platform or by customising your own. Individuals have the opportunity to improve their individual and team cyber risk score by using the Report a Phish function. C-gap recognises that phishing emails are not the only security incident that organisations face, so Incident Reporting allows individuals to report other security incidents. 

To reinforce positive security behaviours, C-gap issues Rewards. Rewards help to empower individuals, teams and organisations by reducing the cyber risk score.  The Latest Security News & Alerts help people stay informed about the latest cyber security news. Multi-tiered Metrics include detailed reports that are exportable at an individual, team and organisational level, which are ideal for shaping board-level communications regarding the progress of your cyber security culture. 

C-Gap Road Map