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Chatter Overflow: Lockdown Outreach with Schools

When lockdown started, we knew industry outreach with schools could suffer. Helping young people learn about cyber security is central to our ethos here at Cygenta, so we had to take action. That’s why we started Chatter Overflow.

As part of our usual outreach work, we are partners of the National Cyber Secuity Centre CyberFirst Schools initiative. In 2019, we delivered outreach sessions to over 6000 school pupils. Because we do so much outreach with young people, not just through the NCSC scheme but also initiatives such as TeenTech, we recognised there was a danger that this important work could be neglected when schools were (mostly) physically shut. We wanted to help, and so our YouTube series Chatter Overflow was born. Through regular 30 minute sessions we have been giving students, and anyone excited to know more about cyber security, the opportunity to learn something new and ask questions. This is outreach, lockdown style!

Why the name Chatter Overflow?

Chatter Overflow is a pun against Buffer Overflow, an attack where too much data is forced into a memory space and essentially overflows into other areas.

What have the episodes been about?

In the latest episode of Chatter Overflow we discussed some of the common threats to computer systems and networks, with a particular focus on malware, social engineering, brute force, denial of service and SQL injection. It was important for us to focus on what threats these attacks pose to devices and systems, how they are used and the purpose of the attack. This episode managed to cover all of that with reference to bike locks, Take That, Minecraft and Greek mythology - find out how below!

This topic is aligned with the syllabus for GCSE computer science network security, so if you're studying, you're not going to want to miss it. Check out episode four below ⤵️

For epsiode three, we covered cyber security 101, with an introduction to key foundation terms and concepts of cyber security including some terms from the OWASP top ten (starting with what the OWASP top ten is!). If you want to know what roast chicken dinners, mosquitos and changing a car tyre have to do with security, this is the episode for you!

Check out epsiode three below ⤵️

Episode two was an exciting one! We were joined by Chris Ensor, Deputy Director of Cyber Skills and Growth at the National Cyber Security Centre. Chris spoke about what the NCSC is doing to support cyber skills and growth within the industry, the importance of technology, his favourtie cyber security book and much more! Check out epsiode 2 below ⤵️

To kick off the Chatter Overflow series, in episode one Jess and FC discussed how they got into the industry and took some great questions from students on what skills are needed for technical roles, apprenticeship options and much more. Check out the first epsiode of Chatter Overflow below ⤵️

We will be back for episode five on the 11th August at 13:30 BST where we will be discussing common methods of identifying and preventing vulnerabilities. Just like episode four, this topic has been chosen because it's aligned with the syllabus for GCSE network security, so we hope it will be interesting for many people and particularly helpful for anyone studying computer science.

And that's not all! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to enjoy all sorts of cyber security content, and check out the NCSC's CyberTV for videos from lots of different people and companies all about cyber security.

If you have a question or there is a topic you would like us to cover in Chatter Overflow, let us know by commenting on one of our videos or tweeting us!

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