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We understand that true security means having digital, human and physical security working in harmony.

Technical Assessments

Technical assessments identify security holes within your organisation. Our ethical hacking team is equipped with many years of expertise working across a variety of sectors. Whether you want a vulnerability assessment, penetration test or a full red team engagement, our experts will guide you through the entire process from scoping your assessment through to understanding the mitigations. 

We find it, before they do.

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Physical Assessments

Physical assessments test the true physical defence of an organisation; physical boundaries, physical security and teams are tested throughout the assessment. Our team is more than just social engineers. We do not simply 'get in, plug in'; we demonstrate the full scope of an organisations physical risk.

More than just breaking in.

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C-gap, Cultural Gap Analysis Platform measures employee risk score in terms of awareness, behaviour and culture. C-gap provides organisations with demonstrations of attacks , simulated progressive phishing, bespoke Cygenta awareness raising training and quizzes based on real life scenarios and issues. This will enable behavioural and cultural change that you can measure at the individual, team and organisational level. 

Empower People, Strengthen Culture, Reduce Cyber Risk.

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C-cap Road Map

Cultural Assessments

A unique assessment that deeply explores the culture of cyber security throughout your organisation. We will benchmark the success of your current cyber security policies and identify where employees are working around security good practice. We analyse the maturity of your cyber security culture, develop bespoke metrics and enable you to proactively build a more positive culture moving forward.

We listen to your team, to help you improve your culture.

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From public to private events, small dinners and huge auditoriums, we speak to audiences around the world about cyber security. Whether the audience is technologists, technophobes - or somewhere in between - we can engage, inform and entertain your audience. Our perspective is unique and

wide-ranging, covering not only the technical aspects of cybersecurity but also the human and physical.

We bring cyber security to life. 

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We don’t just tell people what to do; we show them why it matters and what they can do about it. Cygenta training is unique: we combine a deep understanding of the technical dimensions of cyber security with expertise in the human side. Our training is built on an understanding of how to communicate about a complicated and intimidating subject in the most accessible, engaging and motivating way. People leave our training feeling informed, empowered and ready to better-protect themselves and their organisation.

Demystifying cyber security.

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Executive Risk Assurance

Executives are a prime target in an organisation. Executive Risk Assurance identifies exploitable information, giving you an external overview of your organisation and executives from a hostile perspective. We always provide actionable advice to help mitigate any identified threats.

More than just Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

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