We are proud to work with a vast range of organisations across the globe. Here are some of our testimonials from a few of them.

Bell Canada

Bell Canada

If you’re looking for a team to deliver a powerful cyber security awareness message, then look no further than the team at Cygenta. Like many companies recently, we’re challenged with many employees suddenly working online from home. Cygenta’s real-life examples gave a fresh perspective on cyber security. The interesting, fun, and engaging content had a motivational effect on our security awareness and made an impactful connection with remote employees. D.E. Pratt, Cyber Security Awareness

'Cygenta were a fantastic addition to the British Land Cyber Security Awareness Month & we can’t thank them enough for the fantastic presentations we received. They delivered two sessions, covering a multitude of key topics in an informative, engaging and relatable manner. Each session was supported by detailed presentations, exceptional demonstrations & real stories that brought the subject to life. The top tips & recommendations are something we are keen to continue promoting.'

“Jessica had great reviews from delegates at the Dubex Summit 2020 for her keynote. It was a top performance and feedback included "Inspiration for a positive angle to awareness", "Many fantastic points, and things to bring back home" and "2nd time I heard her!! Still excellent!"" Christian Nedergaard Christensen, Head of Security Awareness

'We invited FC to speak to Hiscox staff across the globe about modern cyber security threats from the perspective of an (ethical) hacker. Because we had seen FC speak before, we knew the content would be interesting and thought provoking. FC delivered a fantastic presentation, engaging well with the audience and bringing humour to the topic. Feedback has been incredibly positive and we look forward to working with FC and Cygenta again.' Trevor Pester, Information Security Manager

'FC delivered an excellent presentation exploring the nature and severity of cyber-attacks, he engaged and entertained our guests by exposing the susceptibility of systems and human behaviour to a cyber breach. The message strongly resonated with Brit’s ambition to help organisations and individuals face the future and thrive. We were delighted to have FC join us at our cyber broker event at the London Science Museum.' Richard Benton, Head of Global Marketing

'Cygenta led a brilliant session on spear-phishing and social engineering with a live, interactive demo that had Dyson employees captivated. The session was entertaining, insightful and tailored perfectly to communicate what can sometimes be quite a complex topic. Their non-jargon explanations mixed with real-world examples catered for all abilities, and brought the subject to life.' Benedict Donaldson Cyber Security Compliance Analyst

'It was awesome to have Jessica keynote Cisco SecCon 2019. It is speakers like her who move the quality needle for us.' Has Golam, Cisco Cloud Security

'Cygenta were fantastic when it came to helping us organise our Fraud Awareness Week. They clearly understood what it was that we wanted to achieve and after our initial engagement came back to us with a number of bespoke ideas. The workshops were designed in a way that engaged the audience whilst at the same time offered practical advice. Feedback from the sessions was phenomenal, with all attendees rating as either good or excellent.' Rob O'Sullivan, Head of Fraud Prevention

CERN Science Pavilion

CERN Science Pavilion

'We are working with Cygenta to augment our awareness and behavioural change programs to help bring to life the threats we face and understand the psychology behind attackers. The feedback we received from across the partnership and around the globe was fantastic. FC clearly knows his way around attack strategies and the insight into what ‘hacking’ looks like was well received. This coupled with insight provided by Jess made a fantastic combination.' Christian Toon CISO Pinsent Masons

'We’ve been delighted with all of the work delivered by Cygenta. Because they have expertise in so many different aspects of cybersecurity, they can be trusted to understand complicated issues and look at problems from different angles' Nicola Whiting, CSO Titania

'Jess presented her approach to building a strong security awareness culture to our global security leadership conference. Her approach of positioning people as the strongest defence against cyber attack really resonated with Bupa’s culture and has had a major influence in shaping our approach to building a strong security culture across our business' Andrew Dickinson, Group Information Security Programme Director, Bupa

'Jessica changed my mindset regarding user awareness. I have since trained more than 300 employees in information security awareness and used her tips to make a big difference. Thank you Jessica for inspiring me!' Fabio Losnak, Project Manager / Head of IT, AB Brasil