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Your people are vulnerable to attack, but we can empower them to be security sensors rather than security vectors. 

We are leading professionals in all fields of human risk, including security culture, social engineering and insider threat. We will help you conduct cultural assessments, gap analysis, executive risk analysis and provide training to empower your people and mitigate the human side of cyber risk.

Awareness Raising

We don’t just tell people what to do; we show them why it matters and what they can do about it. Our awareness-raising programmes are unique: we combine a deep understanding of the technical dimensions of cyber security with expertise in the human side. Our awareness-raising content is built on an understanding of how to communicate about a complicated and intimidating subject in the most accessible, engaging and motivating way. We leave people informed, empowered and ready to better-protect themselves and their organisation.

Culture Assessments

A unique assessment that deeply explores the culture of cyber security throughout your organisation. We benchmark the success of your current cyber security approach and gain a picture of cyber security awareness, behaviour, norms and values throughout your organisation. We analyse the maturity of your cyber security culture, develop bespoke metrics and enable you to proactively build a more positive culture moving forward.

Champion Leader Framework

The Cygenta Champion Leader Framework equips you with everything you need to build and run a sustainable, successful cyber security champions network from scratch. Detailed guidance takes you through every stage of setting up, measuring and maintaining a champions programme in your organisation. Our online course is the ultimate guide to becoming a successful champion leader. We guide you through every step of building and running your programme, complete with downloadable resources and templates that enable you to tailor the programme for your organisation at every step of the way.


From public to private events, small dinners and huge auditoriums, we speak to audiences around the world about cyber security. Whether the audience is technologists, technophobes - or somewhere in between - we can engage, inform and entertain your audience. Our perspective is unique and wide-ranging, covering not only the technical aspects of cyber security but also the human and physical.

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