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Physical security and cyber security are often intertwined in malicious attacks. That’s why we review and test your physical boundaries. 

Our team are more than just social engineers. We do not simply 'get in, plug in'. Our experts accompany you on site and perform a comprehensive test of every security measure such as fences, cameras, locks and access control systems.

Security Assessments

Our physical security assessments are a step up from the old style social engineering assessments. Building upon years of experience obtaining access to government, military and commercial sites, we provide an assessment that fully encompasses every aspect of physical security. Our findings are presented in a detailed report highlighting security risks and recommended remediation.


Best Practice Consultancy

If you are in the design and building/retrofitting stage of your site, our best practice consultancy can help save you time and expense. We use our knowledge of attack and defence principles to guide your designs to leverage technical solutions and behavioural architecture. The end result enables you to consider the best possible security measures and reduce your risk to attacks.

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Smart Building Assessment

The integration of smart devices such as lighting, heating, desks and other automatic systems into workplaces has increased the threat landscape. The blurred lines between physical and digital risk allow more unintended entry points into networks. Our unique smart building assessment combines physical and technical expertise to identify these emerging security vulnerabilities. We deliver an in-depth report, outlining findings and recommendations, to provide assurance for the safe progression of your digital transformation.

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