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The Ultimate Guide to Cyber Security Culture

Security culture is the foundation of security maturity in every organisation. Just as all businesses have an organisational culture, all organisations have a security culture, too.

Not only that, changing cyber security culture takes time, but it can be done with consistency, expertise, and respect for the wider organisational culture. Culture is not just about awareness or behaviour, it’s about values and perceptions, too. Equally important is to establish well-defined, measurable, and relevant individual and organisational metrics to measure and track culture.

Key insights from industry experts

Having helped hundreds of clients advance their cyber security culture, we are keen to share insights that will help you. That’s why we have developed this guide to help you understand how you can influence a positive security culture across your organisation.

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Our guide to security culture will help you learn more about:

  • The fundamentals of organisational and security culture

  • The importance of the human element in cyber security

  • How to improve your organisation’s security culture

  • Which metrics to use to track and measure culture

  • How Cygenta’s experience can help you

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