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Let us guide you through cyber risk with the resources we share below.

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Gift card scams: top tips for protecting yourself

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas just around the corner we're raising awareness of some of the gift card scams that are prevalent this year, including social engineering, data harvesting, fraud and brute force attacks.

In our latest blog post we outline some top tips for protecting yourself against them. Check it out and pass this guidance on to colleagues, friends and family to help them stay secure!


Internet of Things Device Security

In our third guidance document of Cyber Security Awareness Month we delve into the hot topic of Internet of Things device security: exploring what the security issues are, case studies and top tips for securing your devices.

Check out our guidance document.


QR Codes: Top tips for using them securely

With the Covid-19 contact tracing app, more people are using QR codes. We explain what they are, where they could pose a cyber security threat and top tips for scanning them securely.

Check out the blog.


Securing Your Digital Footprint

Our final freely available guidance document of Cyber Security Awareness Month looks at securing your digital footprint. All our guidance documents have been created to support and empower you, your organisation, family and friends to be more secure when online.


Check out our top tips for securing your digital footprint.


The 1,2,3 of Account Security

Cyber Security Awareness Month is in full swing! We cover the importance of layered account security in three steps with our latest freely available guide.

Remember the 1,2,3 of account security: 

  1. Set good, strong passwords

  2. Find an approach to managing your passwords that works for you

  3. Add a second layer of security with two-factor / multi-factor authentication

Check out our top tips and pass it on!


Lets Talk Phishing

It's our favourite time of the year, Cyber Security Awareness Month! Throughout the whole of October we're going to be sharing freely available guidance documents and blogs covering a range of cyber security hot topics. 

Our first guidance document of the month looks at a threat that isn't going anywhere, and that's phishing. Check out our blog and download the first of our guidance documents.​ 


CV19 Physical Security Awareness Campaign

While hospitals are busy looking after our health, criminals have been busy exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic. With reports of physical security attacks on hospitals, including theft of PPE, we have designed and delivered our latest campaign for the CV19 Cyber Volunteers group. Please access and share these resources to help healthcare workers remain aware of what they need to protect, why it’s so important and how to take action.


View all campaign resources.


Zoom Security Advice

Zoom announced that it is now enabling over 300 million daily meeting participants, which is a huge increase from the 10 million daily participants they were connecting at the end of 2019.


We’ve published a one page guide to help people use Zoom without being Zoombombed!

Download the guide via this blog post.

Zoom Blog Image.png

Working Securely From Home 

We have a published guide to help you understand what to put in place, and what to communicate to your colleagues, to help everyone work from home with security in mind.

We will likely see an increase in the number of cyber attacks and scams against corporations and individuals, with cyber criminals already seeking to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We want you, and your colleagues, to feel confident that you can get on with work safely and securely. Download the guide via this blog post, which also contains links to other resources!


Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Adding a second layer of security to your accounts is really important, to help protect you in case your password gets compromised. This is where two-factor authentication (2FA) comes in. Click here to read the full blog post.


Improve your security, at home, on the move - Downloadable Flyer

We've created this short and easy to understand flyer that covers Wi-Fi security, working on the move and passwords. Please share with your teams, click here to download full flyer.

Cygenta Flyer Cover.png

Personal Security: Top Tips for You, Your Family and Friends

Now more than ever we are relying on the wonders of the internet. We've created a freely available one page guide to help you enhance your personal security.


Download our one pager guide here.

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CV19 Phishing Awareness Campaign

Cyber criminals are exploiting COVID-19 in social engineering attacks, with many phishing attacks taking advantage of people’s anxieties, concerns, desire to help and of the special offers and support that corporations are extending to healthcare workers.


This campaign raises awareness of these scams and the way they target our emotional responses. The aim of this campaign is to encourage people to be vigilant of communications and to take a minute to check it’s right

View all campaign resources.

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Password Managers

Password managers act like a vault: you just need to remember one complicated password (do make it a good one!) for the password manager itself, and then you store all of your other passwords in the ‘vault’. Click here to read the full blog post.


Getting into the cybersecurity industry

We've created this short blog which details different things to consider when thinking about joining the cybersecurity industry not matter what age! Click here to read the full blog.

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