CV-19 Cyber Awareness

We are really proud to be supporting CV-19, the volunteer group set up following the outbreak of COVID19. This group has been put together to provide cyber security support to the NHS and healthcare institutions across Europe on a voluntary basis.  


Our Co-founder Dr Jessica Barker and the Cygenta Team are leading the awareness project, designing and producing campaigns aimed at healthcare frontline and back office staff. All resources below are freely available for everyone to download and use. 

Phishing Campaign

Cyber criminals are exploiting COVID-19 in social engineering attacks, with many phishing attacks taking advantage of people’s anxieties, concerns, desire to help and of the special offers and support that corporations are extending to healthcare workers. This campaign raises awareness of these scams and the way they target our emotional responses. The aim of this campaign is to encourage people to be vigilant of communications and to take a minute to check it’s right. 

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Phishing awareness posters with multiple scenarios designed to raise awareness for frontline and back office staff. 

Download here.

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Flyer Scenario 2.png


Phishing awareness flyers with multiple scenarios designed to raise awareness for back office staff. 

Download here.


An animated video that brings our phishing awareness poster to life. Designed to raise awareness for frontline and back office staff

Download here.

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