Technical Assessments

We measure it, to help you improve it.


Technical assessments identify security holes within your organisation. Our ethical hacking team is equipped with many years of expertise working across a variety of sectors. Whether you want a vulnerability assessment, penetration test or a full red team engagement, our experts will guide you through the entire process from scoping your assessment through to understanding the mitigations. 

We understand that it can be confusing to select the correct type of assessment to fit your organisations goals and compliance needs. Contact us if you need to identify the best fit assessment to your organisation. 

All of our assessments come with a full report that details the findings as well as recommend mitigations. No matter which type of assessment you chose, critical vulnerabilities are highlighted immediately during testing enabling you to begin the remediation process. 

Our assessments cover, but are not limited to, networks, web applications, mobile applications, esoteric systems and industrial control systems. Contact us to discuss your project.

Vulnerability Assessment

Our vulnerability assessments identify, quantify and prioritise vulnerabilities using a mix of automated scanning tools and bespoke inhouse software. We do not exploit vulnerabilities as part of this assessment.

This service is suitable for compliance audits, critical systems and small budgets.


Penetration Testing

Given the comprehensive nature of penetration testing, it is the most popular technical assessment. This service includes the vulnerability assessment and builds upon this by simulating real-world attack scenarios, whereby the team will actively exploit vulnerabilities.


This service is suitable for regulatory compliance, executive assurance and good security practice.  

Red Team Exercises

Significantly more sophisticated than our penetration test, our team will accurately simulate real-world advanced persistent threats (APT) to stress test your defences. Using covert, advanced, and multi-phase methods, the red team exploits physical, digital and human vulnerabilities to gain access to your organisation.

This service is suitable for organisations with mature security that want to take their assurance to the next level.

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