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We use tools, techniques and tradecraft to identify and fix security holes in your technology infrastructure.

We assess vulnerabilities, conduct penetration testing and deliver red team exercises based on real-world scenarios. Our consultants are ethical hackers, but are also adept in guiding you through the process to promote ongoing learning and resilience as new threats emerge.

Vulnerability Assessments

Our vulnerability assessments identify, quantify and prioritise vulnerabilities using a combination of automated scanning tools and bespoke in-house software. At a more accessible price point compared to penetration testing, our vulnerability assessments give fantastic value for money for those looking to cover a large estate or those on a tight budget.


Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is our most popular technical assessment, due to its comprehensive nature. This service includes, and builds upon, a vulnerability assessment by simulating real-world attack scenarios, in which the team actively exploit vulnerabilities. This service is suitable for regulatory compliance, executive assurance and good security practice. We deliver an in-depth report that includes technical findings and remediations, as well as a management level risk-based discussion.

Red Team Exercises

Taking penetration testing to the next level, our red team exercises accurately simulate real-world advanced persistent threats (APT) to stress-test your defences. Using covert, advanced and multi-phase methods, this assessment exploits physical, digital and human vulnerabilities to gain access to your organisation. Our detailed report guides you through our findings and step-by-step recommendations.


IoT and Hardware Teardown

With many years of experience in IoT and hardware-based security assessments, we simulate attacks on all platforms from commercially available devices through to SCADA and bespoke industrial systems. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we tear down and analyse devices to provide assurance against attack or to help obtain certifications such as IEC62443.


Security Tools

Our security tools are utilised by corporations around the globe to help leverage our expertise directly into your team or company. With access plans created to provide the best price, you too can take advantage of our years of experience.  We provide quality software as a service (SaaS) solutions that can have an impact on your security testing success. 

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