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Listen to some of the really cool podcasts that we have appeared on. 

If you’ve got a podcast, please get in touch.

It's the Working From Home edition. Bec and Vic speak to Jess Barker about COVID-19 scams and misinformation, fear and those who seek to play on it, the security and well-being aspects of working from home.

FC talks about his role as a physical pen tester and revels some exciting stories!

Hacking in the movies - Sneakers Edition. Featuring Cygenta's Dr Jessica Barker, FC and Dave.

Dr Jessica Barker features in Women in cyber security - perspectives on the new normal.

Smashing Security

Cheapfakes, deepfakes, and Ashley Madison - Dr Jessica Barker


Dave and Andy interview FreakyClown (FC) and hear about his experiences in outreach, security, running a business and some cool stories.


Dr Jessica Barker, Co-CEO of Cygenta, discusses people sentiment towards cyber security.

Cybersecurity Café

Dr. Jessica Barker on why we need cybersecurity therapy and how to drive a positive security culture.

Smashing Security

Sextortion, silicone face masks, and a DDoS doofus.

Random but Memorable

Offline Zombie Bath Attack with Dr Jessica Barker

The CyberWire - FC

At some point you're probably going to have to do some running.

Social Engineer Podcast

Can I scare you into security?

Digital Guardian

Building a security driven business culture with Dr Jessica Barker.

The CyberWire - Dr Jessica Barker

Opening your eyes to the reality in which we live.

Security Through Education

Can I Scare You into Security

The CyberWire - FC

Trained humans are your strongest link.

Enterprise Management

Ask the Expert: Dr Jessica Barker, Co-Founder and Socio-Technical Lead at Cygenta

Smashing Security

Facebook, Nietzsche, Tesla, and Nicole.

Threat Vector

FC - When physical meets digital.

NetLaw Media

Cyber Criminal: Hostis Humani Generis

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