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  • Jessica Barker

Cyber Security Awareness Month Resources

If you work in cyber security, you can't avoid the fact cyber security awareness month is right around the corner.

Some organisations start planning their awareness month activities a year in advance. Others will just now have the chance to consider whether they should try to do something to engage with awareness month.

There is no rule to say that you have to run awareness-raising activities in October - or that you can't plan something for November, December or any other time of the year.

But, October can be a great time to galvanise engagement in cyber security. Many organisations have an awareness-raising programme that runs year-round, with extra initiatives in October and at other times of the year, for example over the festive holidays.

There is a lot of content out there which you can use to spread the cyber security word, which can be especially helpful if you don't have much internal resource.

If you haven't got anything planned for October, here are some sources of content that you might find useful and that you can draw upon at the last minute:

🏡 Share engaging and relevant guidance that can help people stay safe online at home. For example, check out Fareedah Shaheed's YouTube channel with weekly (sometimes daily!) videos that help people protect their kids online

🌍 Take a look at the SANS Security Awareness YouTube channel for insights and inspiration from security awareness professionals around the world

🇪🇺 See what activities across Europe are already taking place and search content that is shared by the European Union Cyber Security Agency

▶️ Check out my YouTube channel for videos on scams over WhatsApp and Instagram, plus advice on managing passwords and avoiding phishing

🎣 If you haven't already, take a look at our new How a Hack Works video series. Rooted in demonstrations of cyber attacks, this awareness-raising content demystifies cyber security, bringing it to life - and it's available for you to buy and use in your organisation

And remember - it doesn't have to be in October. Hopefully some or all of the above resources will help you help your colleagues, friends or family stay safe online.

Whenever you raise awareness of cyber security, do it with some love. Remind your colleagues that they play a central part in keeping their organisation safe. Do what you can to help them stay safe at home, too.

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