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  • Jessica Barker

UK councils at risk of cyber attack: our ITV News interviews

In October 2020, Hackney council suffered a cyber attack. This attack destroyed the systems used for council tax and benefit payments, property sales, planning applications and children’s services (meant to protect vulnerable young people).

Almost 2 years later, some services are still affected.

About a year ago, we started helping the team at ITV News understand the context of the cyber attack on Hackney Council. We helped their investigation explore the extent to which other councils are vulnerable. We also explained the challenges that many councils face when it comes to cyber security.

A month or so ago, the news crew did some filming with us and now you can catch up on the whole investigation, including some of what we had to say below.

Watch the full ITV News segment on the cyber security threat facing UK councils (5mins 13secs)

Watch FC explain results of scanning the UK council websites & issues he discovered (1min 13secs)

Watch Dr Jess putting the cyber threat faced by councils into context


Please note, all security vulnerabilities that we identified during the course of this investigation were reported as appropriate.

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