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  • Jessica Barker

Cybersecurity Champions at Bsides London 2019

The first week of June is always a busy - and fun - one for us at Cygenta. With Infosecurity, Bsides London and Cheltenham Science Festival (and the usual client commitments), we always have lots of talks to deliver and people to meet. You can see some of what we got up to here :)

I returned to Bsides London as a speaker this year, co-presenting with Kevin Millwood, someone we've had the pleasure to work with and are pleased to be able to call a friend. Kevin has done an amazing job of building an internal champions programme in his organisation over the last couple of years and this was the topic we focused on: how to build and maintain an effective cybersecurity champions programme. Thanks to Kevin for joining me on stage!

Check out the video of our talk 'They are the Champions', with huge thanks to the whole Bsides London team and everyone who came to see our talk. Special thanks to Cooper who does a fantastic job of recording so many presentations at community conferences around the world, including this one!

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