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  • Jessica Barker

Cyber Security Awareness Month 2020: top tips for going virtual

October is a big deal for us at Cygenta and not just because of Halloween. Cyber Security Awareness Month keeps us run off our feet and we wouldn't have it any other way. We get to have a big impact and, most importantly, we get to support our clients making a big impact: last year we delivered face-to-face awareness-raising sessions to over 5,000 people as part of awareness-raising activities that we ran for our clients.

This year, things are different. Face-to-face = virtual. If your awareness-raising is online this year, I share three top tips on how to make the most of it in this little video.

Remember those top tips:

  1. Make it personal: now more than ever, people want cyber security advice for themselves and their families

  2. Make it engaging: going virtual is not an excuse for going boring, consider a live hacking demo to bring security to life

  3. Make it long-lasting: a champions programme takes work, but pays off exponentially!

As I mention in the video, we'll be sharing guidance documents throughout CSAM to help you stay secure (or, perhaps, to help you help your colleagues, family or friends stay secure!). Catch up on our previously released guidance, covering phishing, personal security and using Zoom.

And, you can ask us about Champions in a Box to find out about our new framework for helping clients scale up their champions programmes quickly and effectively.

To access our Cyber Security Awareness Month guidance documents first, and to receive more information on how we can support you with virtual events, subscribe to our mailing list. Otherwise, follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to keep an eye on our updates - and don't forget to use the hashtag #CyberSecMonth.

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