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  • Jessica Barker

Let's Talk Phishing

It's our favourite time of the year, Cyber Security Awareness Month! Throughout the whole of October we're going to be sharing freely available guidance documents and blogs covering a range of cyber security hot topics for you, your organisation, your family and your friends. Register to our blog to be the first to receive them.

The US National Cybersecurity Alliance have set the theme for Cyber Security Awareness Month 2020 as:

Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.

During October we want to help empower individuals and organisations to see cyber security as an enabler for positive change. One of the key elements of the theme this year is educating vulnerable audiences. We encourage you to share this guidance with those around you who need support and could be vulnerable to cyber attacks. Teaching someone something new always not only helps them, but also helps to reinforce your knowledge!

Our first guidance document of the month looks at a threat that isn't going anywhere, and that's phishing. It is surprising to many people that phishing doesn’t just refer to email phishing. Cyber criminals follow the numbers, the more popular a technology or app is, the more criminals will target it. This guidance document looks at the different types of phishing, future threats, case studies and top tips.

Five key top tips to remember:

✅ If you receive a communication that you’re not expecting (whether by WhatsApp, email, phone call, SMS message or any other way) that is asking you to do something and makes you feel emotional (rushed, happy, panicked, embarrassed or anything else), be aware this could be social engineering ✅ Legitimate organisations, such as your bank will not send you a text message asking you to share personal or financial information ✅ Avoid clicking links you’re unsure of (clicking the link could infect your device) but instead go directly to the source ✅ If you receive a phone call asking for personal or financial information, hang up and call back on a number you trust ✅ Do not post your mobile number on social media and avoid giving it out when it’s not required

Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart. 💜

Our next Cyber Security Awareness Month guidance document will go live on the 8th October. Register to our blog to be the first to receive it!

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