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  • Jessica Barker

What Taylor Swift can teach us about cyber security

I've delivered my 'What Taylor Swift can teach us about cyber security' presentation with teenagers from age 13 / 14 upwards for many years and it seems to really resonate with that audience. I'm sharing the slides (below) and I'd be very happy for people to use the content to spread cyber security messages and raise awareness of the great careers available in this industry. If you could attribute me / Cygenta, that would be much appreciated and I would love to know if you find the content useful for your audience.

I've taken a few things out of the slide deck here, including my introduction and conclusion as these are going to be personal to the presenter and the specific aims and context of the presentation. I also generally use a couple of slides that are more commercial to Cygenta towards the end of the presentation, which I've taken out as well.

The slides are available on SlideShare.

The references I use in the slides are: Slide 2 Taylor Swift example 1 Slide 3 Taylor Swift example 2 Slide 4 Taylor Swift example 3 Slide 5 Swift on Security Slide 6 Beyoncé Slide 7 Caitlyn Jenner Slide 8 Kim Kardashian Slide 9 England Football Team

I'd be very happy to provide more details on how I use the content or answer any queries you may have, so please don't hesitate to email me at

Blog update: Since writing this blog, Jess has created a video on 'What Taylor Swift can teach us about cyber security'


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