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What Cyber Security Means to Me

Cyber Security is an ever changing, dynamic industry allowing for the rare opportunity of being able to take control of your career and have the possibility to shape it into whatever you want. In my experience a principle that is often overlooked is the ability to band together with others to solve problems and be at the forefront of creating modern solutions.

In recent years cyber-crime and the integration of technology into our lives has significantly grown and there are no signs of this stopping. As a result of this the opportunities within the industry will continue to grow with it. For students like myself one of the biggest challenge we face is the pressure of choosing the right career path most of which require a specific skill set and are overall rather linear. Cyber and the opportunities that it houses removes this due to the flexibility of the industry and rapid development of it. It allows me and others, students and adults, to continue learning and experience a variety of career options, breaking away from the linear career pattern.

What makes cyber stand out to me is it doesn’t judge you on your academic ability and instead embraces your ability and willingness to learn. With drive being at the forefront of the industry it opens numerous doors allowing anyone the opportunity to become a part of industry. In all honesty I may not be the greatest academically in my class and sometimes this can really affect my confidence as I am projecting pressure onto myself but cyber gives me the ability to be judged on my personal skills. This helps to remove that pressure and focus on enhancing my skills rather than whether a grade on a test will determine my future. It allows me to choose what doors and pathways I take rather than leaving that responsibility to the education system.

All in all cyber gives people the freedom to take control of their future and decide what they want it to look like; it opens doors and pathways previously locked allowing anyone to enter.


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