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  • Jessica Barker

Zoom Security Advice

This week, Zoom announced that it is now hosting over 300 million daily meeting participants, which is a huge increase from the 10 million daily participants they were connecting at the end of 2019. Due to COVID-19, many of us have embraced video communication services like never before, enabling businesses to continue to function, families and friends to connect and even weekly pub quizzes to continue to go ahead!

As the usage of Zoom continues to increase, the company has experienced scrutiny over security issues. ‘Zoombombing’ has been the main talking point, with many people finding their Zoom meetings being hijacked by unwelcome intruders. Zoom has responded quickly, assuring users that their focus for the next 3 months will be prioritising security and privacy. Engaging with cyber security leaders, such as Katie Moussouris and her company Luta Security, as well as Alex Stamos, suggests that Zoom really are taking security seriously. The Zoom CEO has responded to user questions and is running weekly webinars to answer security questions.

We've created the one page guide, below, to help you enhance your security whilst using Zoom.

You can download the freely available guide here to share with colleagues, friends and family members.

Stay Safe and well, from all of us at Cygenta 💜

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